Smokeless Cigarette Reviews

The latest development in recreational smoking is the invention of smokeless cigarettes. These devices have arrived at the perfect time with more and more citizens being alerted to the many health hazards that can arise from recreational smoking. Unlike the type that are made from rolling tobacco, these smokeless cigarettes do not cause yellowing of the teeth or fingertips. In addition, there is no link between using these devices and the development of lung or oral cancers. While these side effects are avoided, the electronic cigarette offers the user all of the pleasures associated with the smoking experience.

Top 2012 Smokeless Cigarettes

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V2 Cigs Smokeless Cigarettes
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V2 smokeless cigarettes is the most well known and respected brand in the world! Designed by ex smokers using the latest technology,V2 is promises to give you the ultimate smoking experience.

V2 comes with everything you need to get started. With the starter kit you get a long lasting battery life, 10x V2 cartridges, USB and wall charger, as well as a user Manual. All that’s left to do is decide which color and flavor you would like. If you’re new to smoking of have been in the game for a while V2 is our #1 pick for the best smokeless cigarette…read our full review

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Green Smoke Smokeless Cigarette

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Green Smoke Smokeless Cigarettes
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Green Smoke is a premium smokeless cigarette distributer. Known for it’s high quality vapors and one of the best natural tasting smokeless cigarettes we’ve tried.

This great tasting cigarette comes in a two piece design that is very easy to use and recommendedfor the first-time use as well as a seasoned pro. The kits come with 1 cigarette, battery, USB charger, 1 pack of FlavorMax Cartomizers, wall charger and user guide and membership card…read our full review

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Smokeless cigarettes provide the user with a small dose of nicotine that gives the same sense of satisfaction that derives from using the traditional kind. The nicotine most often comes in liquid form and the device will either contain cartridges or some form of reserve to hold this liquid nicotine. Still other types allow the user to dip the end of the device in the liquid nicotine before inhaling. This liquid then heats up against the end of the device and releases a small amount of vapor. This vapor is nearly undetectable but can be inhaled by the user. In this way you are only inhaling the nicotine vapor and none of the other carcinogenic and cancer causing chemicals that are associated with traditional smokes. Many smokeless cigarettes will light up at the end and give off a red or blue glow. Many of them are designed to look just like traditional smokes and this provides the user with the look and feel of an actual cigarette.

Not inhaling poisons is only one of the great advantages of smokeless cigarettes. Another great advantage is that they can be used nearly anywhere. The tide has turned against smokers in most societies and the ability to smoke has been severely curtailed. Restaurants and concert arenas, along with hotels and shopping centers have all implemented smoking bans. Even at the corner pub, smokers can be seen huddled together outside in the cold puffing away. With electronic cigarettes you can smoke in all of these places because you will not be creating any harmful smoke. The workers in these establishments will not have to be concerned about the dangers of second had smoke when the devices being used are the electronic kind. This allows you to get your nicotine fix in any establishment that you choose. You can even inhale the nicotine on a commercial airliner. Not only that but you will be able to lose the worry of passing second hand smoke on to children and the infirm. are already having a positive effect on the economy by enabling production to increase. Workers that do not have to leave the floor or office to take smoke breaks can accomplish more throughout the day. In addition, by not craving nicotine in between breaks, they can better concentrate on the tasks at hand. Workers will take less sick time if they are no longer being exposed to the harmful dangers and health consequences that have been linked to cigarette use. E-cigarettes are the perfect solution for anyone who is looking to better manage their time.

There are still other advantages to the use of smokeless cigarettes. They allow the user to be in control of the dosage of nicotine along with the flavor involved. The refillable cartridges come in a variety of strengths and flavors that will satisfy anyone. These devices have allowed many users of traditional smokes to quit the habit. These cigarettes are the future when it comes to enjoying a healthy and innovative, recreational smoke.

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